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Who are we?

The RISE project team at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) consists of:

What are RISE & SHINE?

Textual resources still overwhelmingly exist in digital silos, which makes their interoperability in digital research tools challenging. RISE and SHINE are our technical solution to fill this gap between resources and tools. We defined an API (SHINE) and designed its related infrastructure (RISE and software toolkits) for resource discovery and exchange.

This virtual workshop, initially planned as an in-person tutorial at the DH2020 conference, will introduce how tool developers can take advantage of SHINE as an interoperable standard for textual data exchange in order to (1) produce a seamless UX for tool users to load texts for analysis, and (2) expand the quantity of texts automatically available for analysis.

MPIWG’s event page provides additional information specific to tool developers, while the RISE homepage includes additional information for the general audience.


This workshop will take place on Wednesday, 23 September 2020, at 14:00 CET over Zoom.

During the workshop, we will cover the following topics:


We will briefly introduce the history of the RISE project, including how different stakeholders in the digital humanities ecosystem could use it for their benefits.

Technical design

We will introduce the general technical design of RISE and SHINE (see preprint), focusing specifically on the components relevant to tool developers. In particular, we will cover several different ways in which tool developers could implement the SHINE API within their own tools to ingest either texts provided by RISE-linked resource providers, or as a way to de-couple the tools and their associated texts.

During this portion, we will also have three developers to share their experience of implementing SHINE or SHINE-compatible software toolkits within their own tools. They are:

Interactive demo

We will try to replicate the in-person tutorial format as much as possible over Zoom to answer questions and discuss technical implementations.

During the demo, we will show the RISE Python Script, which allows one to pull text from RISE, and can be easily modified for your needs. An interactive version of this script is available on Google Colab.


To demonstrate the benefits of working with RISE & SHINE and to encourage third-party development of SHINE-compatible technical solutions, we have made a suite of open-source software toolkits that can be adopted and adapted. They are available on the RISE project’s Github page.

Specifically, tool developers can use the following toolkits to implement SHINE:

Framework-agnostic SHINE client

This Javascript library is designed to allow developers to interact easily with APIs compatible with SHINE, a RESTful API protocol that allows clients to browse, filter and access a large number of open and licence-protected structured text resources from a wide variety of providers. For a more detailed documentation of this client, visit https://rise.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/jslib.

React SHINE Module

This is a React.js component that allows users to browse the SHINE API. It allows selection of files, and passes the selected files through to your app. This module is currently used in Recogito.

Vue.js SHINE Module

This is a Vue.js component that allows users to browse the SHINE API. It allows selection of files, and passes the selected files through to your app. This module is currently used in DocuSky.

Presentation slides and video recording

If you missed the workshop, don’t worry! You can find the workshop presentation slides and the video recording here.

The three developers who shared their experience with RISE & SHINE have also provided their presentations here: